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James William Middleton is a dashing twenty nine year old bachelor and brother to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge who is the wife of our future king Prince William. Good looks run through the family as his younger sister, Pippa, has received a furore of attention since her debut appearance at Catherine’s wedding. The Nation was stunned by her slim model like figure and the paparazzi took photos of her beautiful silhouette and very pert bottom.

Of late James, who was educated at the thirty thousand pounds a year Marlborough College, has been the one receiving press attention. Gaining him a legion of female admirers who go weak at the knees over his dazzling white smile, tanned completion and thick dark Darcyesque hair and is he seen to escort sister Pippa at Harry Bars in Mayfair? Well we couldn’t say could we? With his piercing blue eyes and flash of his toned body exposed through his unbuttoned designer shirts, he embodies the young, confident and exciting aristocratic gentleman that young English girls. He is for sure a hot red blooded masculine gentleman, who is now part of the Blue Blood Royals.

James is not your average boarding school educated posh boy, James is an entrepreneur and businessman. James, who is dyslexic, dropped out of his studies after just one year at Edinburgh University and launched his own successful business, which has won a number of acclaimed awards.

James owns the Cake Kit and runs a number of patisseries who make magnificent unique themed cakes, and has supplied high profile clients such as Ralph Lauren, Jigsaw, 3 and Baking has seen something of a revival of late, and the fact that this modern age Darcy bakes cakes just makes him all the more appealing and a male version of the very sexy Nigella Lawson.

Who would say no to tasting a slice of his wares? He is most definitely hot in the kitchen and I am sure his cake rises on every occasion. James is also the director of mail-order firm Boomf Ltd, which allows celebrity clients to use edible ink to print pictures from Instagram onto Marshmallows; a must melt in your mouth moment for all of us to enjoy from James at just the tender age of 29.

This hot and very tasty young man with his natural business acumen, relations being the future Queen of England and dashing good looks is, for many high bred women an alpha male just waiting to be plucked. This blog is our ode to the fabulous Mr Middleton. We will constantly be updating you on James and his rising popularity, including pictures and exclusive events he attends on behalf of For your daily entree of the modern day Dashing Darcy check in soon.

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